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EiT attended ACCEPT held in Málaga, October 13-14, 2016

EiT participated in ACCEPT in Málaga (Spain), October 13-14, 2016

Acciona, the EiT project leader and coordinator of the Energy in Time project, participated in the workshop “Construction. New Digital Sector” organized within ACCEPT, an Assistant for quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for energy-efficient buildings, held in a Spanish town of Málaga in October, 13-14. The main focus of this event was on application of Digital Technologies in Construction.

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The General Meeting of the EiT Consortium to debate the results of the research of the last 18 months of a conjoint work

The EiT Consortium debated the results of the conjoint work of the last eighteen months, November 9th, 2016

The Energy in Time members had the opportunity to have a general meeting prior to the presentation of the results to the EU Commission in Brussels in November 2016. The character of the session was purely practical with a focus on the latest findings and results from the pilot sites located in different geographic and climatic EU regions. The debate remained centered on the need to provide an immediate solution to integrate the separate technological systems built within the EiT project.

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Second Period Review Meeting for Energy in Time in Brussels November, 10th

The second Period Review Meeting for the Energy in Time Project, Brussels, November 10th, 2016

The EiT consortium had a mandatory meeting on November, 10th in Brussels to show the outcomes achieved during the last eighteen months up to September, 31st. The presentations conveyed by each partner of the EiT Consortium were done in the CDMA Building of the European Commission in Brussels with a focus on the exploitable results rather than on the work packages.

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World Sustainable Energy Days (1-3 March 2017, Wels/Austria)

A specific workshop organized by the EiT consortium in Wels (Austria), March 1st, 2017

The Energy in Time Project, being on its final stage, decided to organize the next workshop which takes place within the European Research Conference on March, 1st in Wels, Austria. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden and exchange knowledge on energy efficiency in buildings. The topic of the workshop sounds specific about the direct benefits from energy efficiency applied to buildings – “Energy costs savings solutions for building operation”.

The objective is to deliver an integrated control and operation approach to provide systems inefficiencies reduction which directly contributes to improvement of building energy efficiency and comfort translated into costs savings and residents’ quality of life respectively.        

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