Open public event in the International Airport of Faro

The Energy in Time Project Team is glad to announce that on September, 26th, Tuesday, we will have an open public event in the International Airport of Faro, Portugal. It coincides with the Project ending after four years of an intense R&D activity, but the end is actually a new start.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn the outputs of the Project, the way the solution of monitoring and control of energy efficiency in non-residential buildings works and the future projections. You can also see different live demo shown and explained by the EiT’s Partners and, of course, interact with all of them.

The event will start at 14:30 and is planned to last till 17:30. Open session of questions is included, so, feel free to ask anything regarding the EiT Project and its possible application. The details are provided in the invitation, please, confirm your assistance to the following e-mail address:

So, we are looking forward to delivering you the results because the findings, to our mind, are a great contribution to energy efficiency savings in non-residential buildings. Actually it is more about the practical tools we offer than the Project itself – this is the most valuable part of our work.

See you in Faro!

The EiT Project Team

Public Presentation of the Energy in Time Project (Download invitation)