Institul de Cercetari Electrotehnice

Born in 1950, from a real necessity of that time – country electrification – ICPE has become during its 60 years of continuous action, a world-wide actor and a global economy brand.
Located in Bucharest, Romania, ICPE is a large company and represents a complex structure, covering a wide range of innovative concepts in the field of electrical engineering.
Icpe has a main goal in obtaining innovative technologies and products, efficient and competitive, without harmful impact on the environment.
The main thematic domains
• Renewable energy
• Energy saving
• Electric apparatus with vacuum commutation
• Special electrical cables with Teflon insulation
• Servo-control
• Electric vehicles
• Industrial automation components
• Electro technologies
• Product testing
• Material characterization
• Special electrical machines
ICPE developed on the basis of the results of applicative research some production centers, the products having really market success.