About the Project

Demo Sites

Energy IN TIME will be validated at existing non-residential buildings in different Europe locations with different climates. The demonstration sites consist of four buildings with different typologies and building uses, including an airport, offices and test labs, a commercial and office building, and a hotel. The variety of scenarios will serve as a “proof of concept” of the Energy IN TIME solution, in terms of validity and adaptability to different typologies, climate conditions and users behaviour.


  • Area: 41.000 m2; Built: 1989 (refurbished in 2001)
  • Open spaces, large flow of people at certain times

Offices and Test Labs BUCAREST (ROMANIA)

  • Area: 17.384 m2; Built: 1982
  • Closed and distributed spaces, constant flow of people, scheduled occupancy

Commercial and Office Building – HELSINKI (FINLAND)

  • Area: 38.190 m2; Built: 1999
  • Open and distributed spaces, varied flow of people, scheduled occupancy


  • Area: 42.500 m2; Built: 2010
  • 3 distinct spaces, seasonal and high variable occupation.