About the Project


Buildings Operational stage represents 80% of building’s life-cycle cost of which 50% is consequence of the energy use. Up to 90% of the buildings’ life cycle carbon emissions occur during their operational phase, mainly as consequence of the HVAC, lighting and appliances’ energy use. Therefore, energy and cost saving strategies addressing this building operation phase will have a major impact in the building life cycle cost.

Energy IN TIME (EiT) project goes beyond existing building control techniques, developing an integrated control & operation approach, that will combine state of the art modelling techniques with the development of an innovative simulation-based control technique with the overarching objective of automating the generation of optimal operational plans tailored to the actual building and users requirements. This approach will allow reducing system inefficiencies and contributing to improve building energy efficiency and comfort.

The target for Energy IN TIME solution will be existing non-residential buildings, which present the building typologies that guaranties higher impact and room for improvement due to the variety and quantity of facilities and equipment covered and the operational management model used in them. A control tool will be implemented in the building energy management systems to be automatically and remotely operated. The methodology for the enhancing solution implementation will be defined for existing buildings and for its implementation in new buildings since its initial commissioning.