Integrated Environmental Solutions

IES is the developer of the world’s leading integrated building performance modelling software system, the or VE. As such, IES has unsurpassed experience in the application of these advanced design tools to enhance building performance and create more sustainable buildings. Founded in 1994, employing approximately 150 staff, and headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, IES also has offices in London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Cambridge MA, USA; Atlanta GA, USA; Melbourne, Australia; Pune, India and Penang, Malaysia. In this time IES has provided leading edge support to the design, construction and operation of some of the largest and most challenging buildings in the world.

The IESVE is a suite of building performance modelling tools based around a single integrated data model. The purpose of the system is to provide the high quality information required to design, build and operate better performing, more sustainable communities. It can be applied from the earliest stages of the design and through operational stages. The VE is used today by many of the world’s leading architectural and engineering practices and in recent years has been proliferating at a very rapid rate due to the unique ability to improve decision making and workflow.