World Sustainable Energy Days (1-3 March 2017, Wels/Austria)

The next workshop organized by EiT is going to be held within the European Research Conference on March, 1st in Wels, Austria. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden and exchange knowledge on energy efficiency in buildings.

EiT is on its final stage and has already generated various solutions for building control, monitoring, fault diagnosis, data processing and decision making support. The idea is to analyze all the findings and offer them as one single solution and interconnect them on a single platform. Evaluation of the benefits on the basis of the pilots installed in four different climatic European areas and on different types of buildings, is another interesting topic since it provides real data for further scientific and commercial analysis. This will enable the researchers not only to understand, but to quantify the immediate impact on energy savings and generate recommendations for other industries, such as energy and construction, and also for governments.

The invitation for this workshop is open for a broad audience, you can find more details on the AGENDA here and proceed for REGISTRATION here.

Don’t lose the opportunity to take part in this event. Looking forward to meeting you in Wels on March, 1st!