The 7th Steering Committee of the Energy In Time Project hold in Cork, Ireland

On 18th of May 2017 the Energy in Time Project hold the 7th and its last Steering Committee, organized by one of the project partners UTRC, to evaluate the current situation and coordinate the future actions to present the final developments. It’s an excellent opportunity to expose all the findings we could obtain through the four demo sites on which we installed different technological solutions as part of the global development. One of the important element is to stress the value that the project offers to the end user which is to control and balance different factors to guarantee the healthy environment inside the building. This involves sustainable energy consumption within the building the results of which are cost savings and emission reduction. The generated information, or aggregated data, constitutes the real value to the final user because it assists in decision making.

Although main results were already achieved, testing is still in progress to compare different patterns. For example, whether temperature and air values reduction contribute to energy saving and at the same time to preserve the user comfort. Some tests demonstrated that it is possible considering that the system was able to detect failures and successfully repair them by itself. Besides that, the air quality was maintained and no additional maintenance was needed. In addition to it, strategies are redefined during the test stage allowing us to precise much more the effort and outputs.

Other important aspects were also presented such as Marketing, Operational and Financial Plans. Through them the EiT Project already identified the main competitors together with specific technological solutions as well as potential customers for each solution and for the global platform. The Operational Plan enables us to meet properly the customer demand and the Financial Plan to evaluate the required effort and returns. Possible scenarios were included to evaluate as really as possible the future growing opportunities.

The final presentation of the Energy In Time Project is planned to be done in September 2017 in Faro, Portugal, where one of the demos sites is located.