ANA, one of the EiT Project Partners, presented at the Next.Mov, Smart Region Summit in Portugal

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, one of the partners of the ‘Energy In Time’ Project, took part in the Smart Region Summit held in Portugal on the 18th and 19th of May, 2017. The Summit was dedicated to highlight the importance of the Mobility and Digital Transformation, the broad topics which include various questions such as energy efficiency, sustainability, smart infrastructure management, decision support tools and others. Within the Summit there were several conferences and showrooms organized to exchange ideas between industry innovation and those who are in charge of governance of regions.

For ANA Aeroportos de Portugal the concepts of mobility and environmental sustainability must be aligned and work coherently: they must involve a set of practices that allow easy access to all airport infrastructures. Mobility and environmental sustainability also refer to the means and good practices that enable the leverage of the social, economic and environmental development in a sustainable manner which is a fundamental commitment of the Portuguese company.

With their presence in the Smart Region Summit, the EiT Partner tried to demonstrate the practices that allow the citizens to increase their mobility and sustainability of their activity and minimize the consequent impacts while promoting simultaneously full conservation of the surrounding natural resources. Energy efficiency is one of the most important questions mentioned during the summit since its contribution to sustainability is obvious. ANA has much experience in this field since the company has been participating in the European Project Energy in Time (EiT) under which she has developed software tools focused on energy consumption savings in non-residential buildings. Besides that, ANA together with other EiT partners has been testing these tools on the airport of Faro, Portugal, which is one of the demo sites established within the EiT Project.

During the Smart Region Summit, ANA could demonstrate a set of solutions, some of which are already implemented leaving others under research and development, that revealed a strong awareness of the need to develop mobility and sustainability adjusted to the day-to-day management of the airport infrastructures.